Wine Types & Selection Tips : Wine for a Special Occasion

How to choose wine for a special occasion.
The occasion can be a wedding, a birthday party, or just when you’re going to someones
house for dinner. If it’s a wedding, classic gifts for the bride and groom can be something
like a good champagne. Try to go for vintage champagnes, because they’re more special for
that occasion. It depends on your budget. A good, well chosen champagne will always
help them celebrate when they come back from their honeymoon, or when they come back from
their holidays. If something like a birthday, where you know the person, you can take more
of a risk. Always choose the best quality you can. Choose the most drinkable wines where
you think it appeals to a broader collection of people. For older people, like myself,
we love things like ports and Clairette and good burgundy. Classic wines, effectively,
you want to buy. For younger people, especially people new to wine, you want a light fruit
driven wine. Just because they’re much easier to drink and more enjoyable and can be used
casually. If you’re going to someones’ house for dinner, you want to either choose a wine
as a gift rather than wine to match the dinner – perhaps you don’t know what they’re cooking.
Choose something that will be a surprise to them again a Sauternes- a dessert wine or
even the classics – like a burgundy, or you can go for the more expensive end like Barolo
Barbaresco – from Italy, or you can go for some of the Spanish Riojas. Anything that
is recognizable tends to make a good gift, because people are more comfortable with what
they already know. Try and choose something well known. In champagne well known brands.
Ports, you don’t need to actually make those as well known. People think of a port as a
port. Wines, choose a wine from good region. If you know the people, try and choose something
more adventurous for them to try something new. There are nice guidelines to choose wines
for special occasions.

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