Wine vs Food (ep 1): Fried Pigeon vs Red Wine in Hong Kong

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city today for the every day to the streets of local people for the bruce lee modern-day concerned here this fall for farmers bottles of wine and dine copy what’s going on for this wonderful city and from the special privileges off the phone from calif for first interstate since the four times
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the head of the city inflicted leftover wine were inside the kitchen income the restaurant
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preview of local delicacies instruction we begin by putting the pigeons an important
part of water to the scope of chinese herbs mechanism for both governments looking forward
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them work starts you are judges are sentencing judges recommendations forwarded to me labs or side one one will happen the loser will have to suffer the consequences
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things and that makes fights so whatever happened the first lessons that walking somebody pigeon
just probably much more fun than eating yourself but if you have to do it having shot a one
wouldn’t hurt and syphilis and today’s flexible its lesson is that the most important carries
over bill does not the wine and food itself precarious people up against it so that i haven’t done so already taken venture trestles cold wind links since years last few friends like when to find out more information about the
recipes in dishes they seniors and well two-to-one happy dot com and you’ll be able to directions
to close on the world things for kids funkruti super judges and much much more condition if you like my person here today
it has to have a lot about our partners in the end of the interview something scary here
why stations for all your production support to louis anti-choice proponents of the website
in special warm applause to our folks angelina wine merchant rabin the one challengers today
that’s a lot of all student job hands with one last question to ask you what
your words what type of food injuries or wherever would you like to see a striker next one persecution knowles and let us know and we’ll
be right back

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