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Hello this is JB I’m Austin Homebrew Supply
here in Austin, Texas. Today we are discussing wine making equipment. And right now I want
to talk a little bit about filtration and your choices on filtration. A lot of home
wine makers decide not to filter their wine because let’s face it you are not out there
selling it on the commercial market, but you do want your wine to present well, to your
friends and family and whoever else you want to share it with. So some people really like
that nice polished look to the wine. Ok. So if you want to, one choice available to you
is to filter. Now we’ve talked a little bit about the mini jet and the super jet filters,
I want to talk about another kind of filtration system and that in the Vinbrite wine filter
kit. Now this is really the most basic kind of filtration kit that we have. The way that
this guy works is you would simply put it on top of whatever empty vessel you are trying
to come into, and then take the wine from the full carboy and simply run it through
this thing. I don’t have it opened right now, but it basically looks like a coffee filter,
it’s a glorified coffee filter kind of a setup. To where it actually just percolates through
these, these particular filters called crystal brite filters which would go into the vinbrite
filtration system. It simply would run the wine through it, it would filter through using
gravity and then off into the vessel, your other vessel basically your bottling bucket,
and then you would immediately bottle the wine as soon as you filter it. So a very basic
straight forward, the simplest filtration system that we have here. The vinbrite filtration

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