Wines of Portugal – Official wine of Ladies European Tour

When did you start playing golf?
I think I was around 12 years old. I’m really surprised because I haven’t had
that many Portuguese wines in my life at all! The similarity with the golf is that you have to practice. When I finish my job as a winemaker I’ll start
playing golf (laughs)! Well I thought you’re a natural! You’re very
good, very good at putting definitely. I’ve never been at a wine tasting before,
and I’ve decided that I loved it! It’s all about passion and liking what you’re
doing, and being perfectionist. Now I realize that Portugal is a very good
country, and I loved it! My childhood was spent in the wineries and
in the vineyards… I’m very interested in wine, specially the
red one, the last one I had was really spectacular! You tasted very well!
You can feel the aromas… the complexity they also like playing golf.
I think there are so many things in common between the two of them… People that drink, like or produce wine, I thought we had almost nothing in common
before coming… and everything in that red wine that you liked! And you? When did you start loving wine?
Since I was born! So it´s exactly the same as you (with golf). I think they are all very good! And we, have to taste a lot…
and a lot and a lot… It’s like your putting!
Sounds good! (laughs) I think it’s really important! … and now I realize that we are really similar in different ways,
but that’s a good thing!

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