Wining and Dining: Wine and Cheese Night at Western U

Listen here folks. String Cheese
is string cheese for reason. It’s got strings! Hey Western Priyanka Doger here
at Brescia and USC’s Wine andCheese
formal. I’m expecting to taste some
wine, try some fancy cheese and
witness some great live performances. Stay tuned and let’s return to
the roaring 20s! Are you by chance are lactose
intolerant? I am not. So in your opinion what’s the
best wine and cheese pairing? Something French and something French. Oh my goodness. I wasn’t ready
for this question. Let’s do Brie and a cab sav, yeah let’s do a cab
sav. I’d have to say a burgundy and a
blue cheese. And what’s your favorite type of
cheese? I see you have quite the array
on your plate today. I’ll probably have to go with
blue cheese. Eww… I like merleau, a good red wine and then honestly this is gonna
sound not classy at all but I love cheddar cheese so
anything like that. I’m going to go with Brie. I had some really good Very over
there. Someone actually got really
excited about cheddar cheese though, so… So as VP events, how do you
think that it turned out based on your vision? I’m really happy with like my
team they work so hard on like
decorating they were all here early. We came in the snow blizzard
right now. The music, the performers are
amazing. Can you tell me a bit about the
connection to the roaring 20s for Wine and Cheese? We pick a theme every year so
with going into 2020 we found that it was just like a
perfect fit. What a better opportunity to
have like a Great Gatsby roaring 20s party. Are you guys more wine people or
cheese people? Wine What about you? Definitely cheese! Oh, okay, very different. I love cheese -I love cheese too But more than wine? Absolutely. I actually agree with you. So
yeah. Definitely wine And what would be your go to
type? I really have one but, mostly white wine. Good choice. Do you guys want a history
behind the phrase “Say cheese?” Um, no, actually, Do you? No I don’t. Okay, I don’t either. Laughtose intolerant and lactose
intolerant? I’ve never heard that one before
but I suppose it could work. Now as the organizers of the
events, I assume you’re probably
familiar with the types of wine that you serve here today? So good. I know every type of
wine you just asked me and I know. In that case, can you pronounce
this type of wine for me? Reisling Goo-worts-traminer… Riesling, a Riesling. Gewurztraminer. Okay, that’s pretty close. Riesling gerwitz trimeener Riesling Guv-urstiminer Resling, I know the first one
resling Goo-wortz-train-minar,
Gewurztraminer. Rieslinggg Goo-words-stra-minor. That was not bad. You’re German! Oh, it’s a Riesling
Gewurtztraminer. Okay, so that was a lot of
certainty so I’m inclined to believe you. So speaking of types of cheeses When you have string cheese, do
you bite right into her? Or do you peel it? Oh, I 100% into a person, it’s
kind of like a spider dog. Right like the two tops and the
two bottoms. Oh a lot of people get mad at me
for it, but I bite right into it. Oh, that’s not…yeah. I peel it like a normal person. Completely agree. Oh Bardia… What kind of monster do you
think I am? I know you do not bite into the
string cheese. Listen here folks. String Cheese is string cheese
for reason. It’s got strings. You really have to peel string
cheese, you’re crazy if you just bite
into it. I peel it, because if you bite
it you’re just a psychopath. I Baby Bells whole. Thanks for joining me Western at
Wine and Cheese night. I hope you enjoyed your Riesling
Gewurztraminer as much as I did. If you like what you saw, be
sure to check out any of our other videos and as always, like, share and
subscribe. Cheers!

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