Winter Beers | Our Favs

Hi, I’m Henry. I’m the beer buyer here at
Market of Choice in Bend, ready to give you some winter suggestions for beer. When I
think of a winter beer, I think of something bigger and bolder, whether it
be ABV or body of the beer. I’m most drawn to a nice bourbon barrel stout and
one of my favorites right now is from Alesong, the Rhino Suit. It’s a bourbon
barrel-aged milk stout. It satisfies all my needs for what I want out of a winter
beer. Market of Choice has a very diverse beer set, but where we really hit our
mark is our single selection. We have the ability to bring in just about
everything that you could ever need or want in beer. Every style from a sour,
fruited farmhouse, to the newest ,most exciting IPA that you could think of. If
you’re looking for something on draft here at the bend location, or Belmont, or
Cedar Mill, you’ll be able to find our tap lists online. Whether it be a small
pour, or a growler fill. Come in to Market of Choice and any of us stewards
will be happy to help you find the beer that is perfect for you.

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