Women Wear Wine Bras For A Day

– [Friend] Oh god yes. – It looks like I’m peeing wine right now. – [Friend] Sure it’s the wine. (upbeat music) – Today we are trying wine brassieres. – I freakin’ love wine. – Wine is everything. Any kind really. I’m there for it. ‘Cause it’s there for me. – It would be interesting to see how much more I drink it if I had it like in my bra. The wine rack. – Get it? ‘Cause rack. – A big ‘ol sports bra? – So I can take this to the gym. – Alright. Let’s try this baby on. – (groans) I feel like I’m being born. – The wine packets are huge. I just don’t know where my boobs would fit in this. – Okay. I got an arm in. Oh my god, it’s so fucking cold. – God, I already hate having big boobs. – So where does this thing go? – What if I just wore it like this? Would I still have friends? – It’s on. It looks a little deformed. – Ta-da! – I feel like I’ve
grown a cup size bigger! – It feels great. I love that there’s
liquid sloshin’ in there. – There is a lump here for my actual boobs. And then there’s another for the wine boobs. – I don’t feel very much like myself. Let me fix that. (gleeful humming) – The whole like wearing this out in public kind of scares me. I feel like people will notice. – I’m gonna really enjoy taking this out tonight. I’m gonna go to the club. Okay, I’m probably not
gonna go to the club. I’m not that cool. – It’s like a crack and I’ve never had that before. Sixth grade’s Kelsey’s dream come true. – Let the day begin. – And we’re sprung a leak. Already. – [Male] Wha, what are you doing Briana? – I got a wine bra. – [Male] A wine bra? – Thank you. – What am I supposed
to do with this extra? – [Selrom] I took my wine bra out of my boobs Gotiel what do you think? – You should have put rum in it. – [Kelsey] Gina, do you notice
anything different about me? – Oh, wow. – [Ashley] Your rain boots? – Your giant phone? – [Kelsey] No. Nothing looks different about me? Look at me! – You’re wearing a tank top. – Ashley! – It just like started leaking. – [Male] Don’t drink it! – I just like kind of reek of wine. God forbid you get pulled over or something and you smell like wine you’re probably gonna go to jail. – So I’m about to go out and I have already spilled wine all over my pants so it’s a great start to the evening. – It’s so full it hurts pushing on my boob so I’m gonna empty some of it out. Don’t mean to waste wine like this but girl’s gotta do what a girl’s got to do. – So I’m walking to the movie theaters with some of my friends and I’ve got the wine bra on! Yeah, I’m gonna go sip
some stuff illegally. Shh! – After some time with the wine bra I realize the trick to the wine bra is drinking more wine. Almost done with this little baby and callin’ it a night. (laughing) – You know what’s easier than using a wine bra? Just going home and pouring a nice glass of wine for yourself. So that’s what I’m gonna do. – My wine bra just broke. It won’t stop leaking. Oh my god. – It appears that my breast temperature is like 1,005 degrees. I touched the bag and the bag was like legit hot. Warm wine is not fun to drink. – [Shila] RIP wine bra. Can’t say I’ll miss ya. – Overall I think it
was a great experience. But I don’t think I would try it again. – Hell yeah I’m sad it didn’t work that would have been such a genius thing had it been not painful and messy. Like most things in my life. – My wine bra started to leak on me put it in and it just was like pew pew pew pew! And it jut went crazy. – All of a sudden it just exploded! It looked like I was
just peeing red blood. It was so embarrassing. – I really felt like a drug smuggler at a certain point. And it was just kind of a weird secret to carry around with me throughout the day. – After a few hours it just hurt. It didn’t feel good. – This experience was all great and all but I think I’m gonna have to pass on the wine bra. – I would wear it again but just make sure you’re
not wearing a white shirt so people don’t think that you’re dying. – I think for now, I’m just gonna continue to drink wine alone in my room for the rest of my life. – You have something weird on your phone. – [Kelsey] No! I literally- you see me everyday and
nothing looks different? – You’re wearing rainboots. – [Kelsey] Ashley!


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