Women’s Fashion Tips : How to Remove Red Wine Stains From Fabric

Hi, my name is Rachel Youens and I’m a freelance
fashion journalist and the owner of Austin Style Watch.com street fashion site and we’re
going to discuss how to get a wine stain out of light colored material. Now, if you’re
messy like me, you spill red wine a lot. So, we’re going to put a little bit of red wine
on this white shirt. Oh! That’s a little more than I wanted to get but hey, it happens.
Anyhow, so, one of the best things to get red wine out is OxiClean and the reason why
is because it, the peroxide in it breaks down the stain and basically one of the main ingredients
in OxiClean is a solid form of peroxide. So what we’re going to do is make a combination
of just your general household peroxide and dish washing liquid. And as I understand,
Dawn is the best kind to use but we’re going to be using Palmolive today. So the peroxide
will help break down that organic stain. We’re going to go ahead and put it in there and
let it soak for a little while. And if you do this with OxiClean you can almost immediately
see the stain go away. So, we’ll see if that happens for us today. So, you’re going to
go ahead and let that soak and you can see it’s already starting to come out. Rub the
fabric together and if you want to go ahead after this and run it in a regular wash, the
peroxide will start to break down those organic stains and in addition to wine, any other
stains that are organic like blood or other protein based stains. Peroxide and a little
dish soap will get it right out. That’s how to get wine out of white clothing.

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