Worlds SPICIEST Drink CHALLENGE! Loser DRINKS (Papa Jake Vs Logan Challenge)

okay hot peppers oh no – brand-new
fiery spicy video might be too spicy for your mouth so I hope you have some milk
at home make you’re not allowed to eat the milk right right right okay but the
challenge has not started yet guys today we are gonna be doing the world’s
hottest drink challenge meat versus Logan you guys have been requesting it
and we thought we would spice things up with a little bit of a challenge here on
the channel guys Logan is extremely excited for this challenge he could not
wait for he woke up this morning was like it’s a hot challenge today give me
some hot sauce Logan does not like spicy food which is why I’m gonna love this
challenge oh so much more the rules for this are quite simple we both gave
ourselves $100 that we thought the other person would absolutely hate we are then
gonna take turns giving each other the ingredients through their very own
world’s hottest drink which they will blend up but here’s the catch every
ingredient you receive you have to taste test I don’t like I don’t like this Jake
well that’s the point Logan it’s gonna be uncomfortable we’re gonna sweat we’re
gonna shake we might even throw up but that’s okay because it’s gonna taste
yummy in the end it’s gonna be probably the yummiest drink you’ve ever had but
as I was saying guys the catch is quite simple each item that we give each other
we have to taste test and if at any point the heat the hot the furnace is
too great for us and we have to take a sip of milk you automatically lose if
you get past all the little bosses the final boss will be blending every single
ingredient together in the world’s pot of smoothie hashtag don’t try this at
home all right Logan my first item for you is so hot I have to use tongs just
to give it to you the first item in your smoothie is gonna be flamin hot nacho
Dorito that’s no problem I can eat this in my
sleep guys Logan’s going into the flaming hot
nacho Doritos weird it’s got a color meter going on his face here let’s see
if he’s gonna get red hot Oh all right house help is this yeah oh
he’s going in for a second bite all right that’s okay that’s okay you know
that the flaming hot Doritos are just the first step in this ultimate spicy
compilation just wait till you get to some of my hotter ingredients gosh make
sure to smack that subscribe button with a flaming hot to read up guys on a
serious note I am not good with spicy things and starting to feel the burn all
right so we’ll take two flaming hot Doritos and they’re going into the
smoothie you give me my first ingredient for my smoothie and I think this will do
here you go Jake all right we got hot red hot pepper sauce Jake I have a piece
of celery okay oh great thanks Logan piece of celery you know I love to start
my day with a piece of celery and some red hot pepper sauce guys this is this
is literally breakfast of champions there you know it’s hot when they don’t
let you pour a lot out of the bottle cuz they’re like you’ll slow down you might
burn yourself guys my mouth is up my mouth is burning from those Doritos step
one celery’s kind of mashing the heat off about right now alright so we’ll add
a few drops of this into Jake’s smoothie my tongue is burning and it was only the
first ingredient oh man my eyes are watering okay you know I put this
ingredient in the microwave to extra spice apply it with some of that
radiation your next ingredient is a wasabi blend I have literally been
eating wasabi since I was a young kid you see these just taste like crackers
you see the spiciness comes from these wasabi and I’m gonna have you take a
wasabi drink right here right now with the whole thing the whole thing let’s
see if your taste buds can tackle this one down the hatch you got that one it
looks like you’re good like no problem I think when these are
all blended together man you’re not gonna stand a chance that smells like
deliciousness to me all right what you got I got some atomic warheads dude
warheads or sour McQuade extreme feeds our sweet than he no that’s no there you
can’t have sour sweet than ye now we’re gonna take on sour Andi Jake good luck
are they safe Richard good okay all right here we go
just just wait for that atomic green apple to hit Jake right now it’s sour
sweet so far no one has touched the milk oh that’s what I’m not gonna lie guys
being in the sweater it’s spicy and sour stuff and it’s gonna be three
ingredients in one we start off with a bowl option and inside we have spicy
noodles but that’s not all all right these spicy noodles are not spicy enough
on their own so you might be thinking Papa Jake aren’t you supposed to cook
the noodles in the microwave for three minutes we don’t have time for that cuz
we’re cooking up our very own hot spicy dregs
so I’m going to simply add the in spice ingredients here we’re a little round so
that’s how you cook Logan next up will be adding cayenne pepper powder with
some crushed cayenne pepper flakes lime for extra spice Jake I think that might
be too spicy that’s the point of the challenge Logan if you can handle this
you’re not gonna cook the noodles it is now time for Logan to eat the world’s
hottest sandwich oh here we go before I get into this I just want to
say two things okay guys don’t try this at home and to do we know the
repercussions of eating this Jake yeah it’s like super healthy for you Logan
like 100% it’s gonna be yummy and healthy baby
oh oh oh you just wait for you to come back spice you can go for the milkman
you get him burn in my lap well you successfully swallowed he got some light
got some powder all around your mouth heating up Logan hasn’t gone for the
milk but he’s going for water which is technically allowed don’t touch your
eyes after only don’t recommend that it is uh it’s burning like crazy I guess we
have to add this to your shake here so let’s just get all that Cayenne good
pepper stuff in there and then I guess we’ll break a piece of this off my lips
are on fire Jake why are you eating wings those were
for the challenge for the video this is bad man these were the
internal-combustion wings water okay rate now round that was round three
for myself and my entire face is on fire this is this is not going well Jake so
you weren’t supposed to eat that without the hot sauce that I was gonna put on it
oh man I don’t think I could stand on my mouth is like burning there’s like a
fire crew room I’m gonna try to put it out as well you know you’re welcome to
that look Jake just have a sip of vision give me something else so it’s like like
I gotta fight fire with fire no no I need something give me something
else you wanna fight fire with fire here’s some chili pepper on those
combustion wings Jake these are going to be hot okay Jake orders up okay five fun
fighting fire with fire here we go it’s not going down it’s not going down
is it helping with the space yeah all right well now that we’ve had some time
to kind of settle down a little bit my mouth is still on fire I need to add
well now chicken to my mix so I’m just gonna cut up chicken here
next up extremely spicy pepperoni next up we got flaming hot ruffles but that’s
not all Jake give me one of the ruffles Oh would you like some cake
I would like to look Logan I like to watch sriracha you know you didn’t have to do that but
I gotta add some sriracha to your mix Oh sriracha
flavored Oh up in your drink all right guys the drinks are now
completely I put all of our spicy items in it and are ready to drink them Maddie
wait a second we’re not done there’s one more item look Logan what are you doing
what do you have what do you have left man I’m a little I’m a little sick
what’s in the suitcase gonna set the code is so extreme you had to keep it in
this suitcase yeah okay what what what Oh what is that what is that oh no no no
no no no no no you can’t run saying the Ghost Pepper robbed of this will put me
on the ground and you want to put it in my tray do not try this at home okay you
can drink the milk Oh even I think on the back here do not put in eyes do not
put in your face dude this is even worse than having a regular ghost pepper
because this ghost pepper combined with other stuff oh okay you know I’m not
gonna taste tested I’m just gonna put it straight in the shade what oh gee no no
that was my ingredient okay ghost chili pepper sauce here are
two shapes mine is extremely like oh my gosh do that you can go to hear them
guys all right well let’s blend these up and the final challenge we have yet to
lose will be a freakin drink these whoever cannot drink their shake loses
the challenge okay I just remember these chicken in
here I think that that should be good there is the world’s hottest drink Oh No
that smells so bad Oh guys look there’s like a piece guys I can’t explain the
smell oh it’s burning my eyes should not have made you like it’s doing doing
challenges now’s about the time you get out like button because I’m about to do
something I really don’t want to do there was steam coming off of this chick
I’m a bit nervous for you 3 2 1 3 doesn’t need you to count me down in the
comments yeah I need I need everyone right now to like the video I need the
power I need to feel the lights coming from the video and then I’ll know that I
can officially deepest 3 2 1 what’s going on on a scale of one to ten
how fiery is your mouth Jake talk to me buddy do you need the milk is it milk
time okay guys well I think that might conclude today’s video I mean after
seeing Jake do that I’m definitely not doing that part of the deal
your face is really red yeah it’s really red all right guys let’s get 50,000
lights if you want another drink challenge and it looks like I won this
challenge because I mean I didn’t drink any milk Jake drink the milk so he lost
the challenge well hope you guys enjoyed this video and we’ll see you guys next

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