WTF is MINERALITY? Everything you need to know about this wine term!

What is up guys, I am Julien, the French winemaking
guy who makes wine videos here on YouTube, welcome to your new wine video, and welcome
to Julien’s Wine School. This is the first iteration of our new ‘What
The Fruit’ wine video series to explain everything you need to know about the world
of wine, where we’re going to be sharing passion and knowledge for wine in short and
simple videos to understand important things about wine. Since this is episode 1 of the What the Fruit
series, why don’t we tackle a term that is very often used to describe wine, but one
that is almost impossible to really explain: Minerality. We might as well start with an impossible
one right? Let’s go…. Ok, so let’s be clear about Minerality. Sure, you will hear everyone interested in
wine talk about minerality. The sommeliers, the wine professionals at
your local shop, wine teachers, wine connoisseurs, wine critics. Everyone… Yet, everyone one also knows that minerality
means nothing. Or more exactly, it means nothing and everything
at the same time. This is because minerality in wine doesn’t
correspond to one component in wines, or not even a set or a family of components. Generally, when we talk about a character
in a wine, an aroma or a flavor, it corresponds to a molecule or something we can identify
in wine. Corked wine has a molecule associated to it,
oxidized wine has several molecules we can quantify in wine, the banana or the strawberry
flavors have molecules we can name that correspond to them in wine. Minerality doesn’t have anything. Minerality is more of a feeling, an impression,
the subsjective perception that a wine smells or taste somewhat mineral. Generally, people describing a wine as mineral,
I do it myself as well, refer to a bit of salty taste or smell, or irony, or a little
flinty, like stone dust or like when you hit one hard stone against another and you get
this smell from the spark that it makes. But everyone, every individual has a different
idea of what it means. This is why minerality doesn’t really exist,
yet it exists at the same time because we can feel it. So next time your sommelier or your favorite
winemaker talks about minerality in a wine. There’s no need to argue whether minerality
exists or not, or whether it’s there or not. It’s just something someone feels while
tasting a wine. That’s it. If you’ve been wondering what the fruit
is minerality? Now you know: Minerality is a feeling more
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