Ze Taste of Time : A fun Wine Tasting Kit for Wine Lovers

red white dry or sweet the most prestigious wines in the world are all matured in oak barrel if you want to understand why the matching of oak and wine is a science and an art the fruit of the vineyard is the freshness the expression of the vintage the wood from the barrel is the spirit of the secure Luke force understanding great music requires to know the notes tasting great wines requires to understand the melody of oak tannins and aromas experts in oak cooperage and analogical good we have created a folder product for you the taste of time of course it is a kit that will allow you to learn the notes of each wooden stick is made of vegetable barrel great oak toasted just like the inside of barrel which level of toast intensity expresses a different note the kit is composed of bottles each bottle containing a different oak type all you have to do is fill the bottle with the wine of the Troy and let’s infuse during 20 days minutes then log on our website to access tons of info tutorials and explanation you can then invite your friends and discover together a truly unique sensorial experience that will change the way you drink wine

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