Zorah Wines – Voski 2014 – Rind – Armenia

Hello wine lovers, here I am with a very modern
expression from a very ancient civilization. This come from Armenia which is really the
cradle of the vine once upon a time. With the ambition of a modern producer we have
a fine and expressive modern example here. Made from the ancient grape varieties of Voskeat
and Garan Dmak. I am not sure about my pronunciation there. However, we do not find these varieties
anywhere else. It is a pure and un-oaked style here. We do have a good purity of fruit, with
hints of fresh green apple, pear, with some citrusy notes. Slight notion of minerality
as well. There is a great bite on the palate as well. So a quite firm and flinty style
I would say. Nice vinification, keeps the purity of fruit and does linger on the palate.
Very interesting style of wine. I think it is well worth trying to get acquainted with
these ancient varieties. Lighter style so it is something I would like to start the
meal with, we would have for aperitif. Surrounded by some fresh seafood or carpaccio of fish.

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